Aluminum water jet boat Rosomaha R6000S





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 Алюминиевый водометный катер (катер водомет) Росомаха R6000

PRICE: R6000S 

Aluminum water jet boat Rosomaha R6000S — its individual approach to the construction of the boat, allows to reflect the character of the customer in a spectacular design. Rosomaha R6000S is a reliable companion for extreme river walks. It's versatile, sporty and has excellent cornering handling. The contours of the bow allow users to walk as in deep water areas as in shallow water where the depth is measured in centimeters. It is created for lovers of speed and drive. Its maneuverability, power and style provide an unrivaled level of reliability and comfort among its class. Design and equipment are discussed with customers individually. We are attentive to all preferences and build boats that meet all the needs of our clients.


Length 5892 mm.
Width 2119 mm.
Bottom width 1410 mm.
Board height 721 mm.
All welded aluminum hull AmG5
Bottom thickness (Hydro ski) 6 mm.
Bottom thickness 6 mm.
Board thickness 3 mm.
Weight 760 kg.
Engine power 200 hp.
Deadrise 8 deg.
Max speed 80 km/h
Capacity 6 people
Carrying capacity 1000 kg.

Алюминиевый водометный катер Росомаха R6000. Размер, схема, чертеж.


Engine Mercury 200 HP OptiMax Sport Jet (Gasoline: minimum 90 RON)
Mercury engine service manual 
Windproof console with control station and passage to the bow compartment
Deck — corrugated aluminum     
Case painting to choose from the additional equipment    
Board sticker to choose from the additional equipment     
Carpet covering on the shelves
"Hydro Turf" covering in the bow, stern platform, engine cover  
Seat "Standard" with lockers (corrugated aluminum) 2 pc.
Pedal dirt guarding stainless grating
Closed (dry) bow compartment
Bow hatch for anchors and cables
Fuel tank 200 liters
1 pc.
Bilge pump
2 pc.
Mooring duck 4 pc.
Cup holder 7 pc.
Battery 1 pc.
Navigation lights  


Additional equipment is like making building blocks in childhood, getting you joy and new impressions! We offer a wide selection of high-quality accessories that will allow you to modify your Rosomaha boat to suit your individual needs. The color of the case can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. A variety of options for finishing the cockpit will fully let you to enjoy the comfort and sumptuousness of our boats.

Seat Replacement (Standard to Attwood Seat)

Замена Сидений Стандарт.jpg

Сиденья Attwood Красная строчка.jpg

Сиденья Attwood Графит.jpg

Aerator (with the ability of circulating running water)

 Аэратор для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Stationary spotlight with dual radio control

R6000 Прожектор светодиодный.jpg

Acoustic system "JBL" - marine series

R6000 Акустика.jpg

Windshield wiper

R6000 Стеклоочиститель лобового стекла.jpg

Loudspeaker with mounting pad

Громкоговоритель для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Carpet covering of the boat deck and bow compartment

R6000 Носовая палуба.jpg

Front lockers (in carpet covering) 2 pc.

 Рундуки алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Options for additional lockers (corrugated aluminum, in carpet covering, with transformation into a berth)

 Варианты исполнения дополнительных рундуков  Варианты исполнения дополнительных рундуков  Варианты исполнения дополнительных рундуков  Варианты исполнения дополнительных рундуков

Locker with back

Рундук с приставной спинкой.jpg


Лебедка для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Replacing the steering wheel with a "Chrome" steering wheel

Замена Рулевого Колеса на алюминиевом водометном катере Росомаха 5800

Dashboard "Carbon"

Карбон-отделка панели приборов.jpg

Countertop (food-grade artificial stone)

столешница искуственный камень

Hidden mooring duck

R6000 Утка швартовая.jpg

Mounting eye

Рым Петля.jpg

Additional transom for outboard engine

R6000 Транец дополнительный.jpg
R6000 Кормовая площадка.jpg


Рейлинг для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Strengthening the bottom with polyethylene

R6000 Усиление_днища.jpg

Boat hood (folding)

Тент Ходовой для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000
 Тент Ходовой для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000 Тент Ходовой для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Boat cover

Тент транспортировочный для алюминиевого водометного катера Росомаха R6000

Trailer upgrade

модернизация прицепа на алюминиевом водометном катере Росомаха 5800

Trailer (side lights protection)

Защитная решетка-1.jpg


Covers and cases
Bot hood(folding)   
Boat cover
Hull protection
Strengthening the bottom with high malecular weight polyethylene (impact part)
Strengthening the bottom with high malecular weight polyethylene (bottoms-completely, two-layers for the impact part (Extreme))      
Hull design
Hull paint "Base" (dark gray color)   
Hull paint "Diamond Mercedes" (light metallic)   
Hull paint "Port" (burgundy metallic)   
Hull paint "Anthracite" (dark gray metallic)

Hull paint "Night" (matt black)   
Hull paint "Milky way" (black metallic)   
Hull sticker "Honeycombs"   
Hull sticker "Wave"

Hull sticker "Sturgeon"

Hull sticker "Fish"

Hull sticker "Zebra"

Hull sticker "Indian"

Hull sticker "Sport"

Hull sticker "Ice"   
Hull finish
Countertop (food-grade artificial stone)   
Сockpit deck - Vinyl covering
Сockpit deck - "Carpet" 
Bow deck - "Carpet"   
Dashboard - covering "Carbon" (vinyl) 
Dashboard - covering "Carbon" (carbon fiber) 
Front lockers in carpet covering 2pc. 
Additional lockers (carpet covering), 2pc.
Additional lockers (in carpet covring) with transformation into a berth, 2 pc.
Additional lockers (corrugated aluminum), 2pc. 
Additional lockers (corrugated aluminum) with transformation into a berth, 2 pc. 
Locker with removable back   
Replacing the "Standard" seat with the "Attwood"   
Additional seat "Attwood", 1pc.
Additional seat "Standard", 1pc.
Lighting and electrical equipment
Stationary spotlight with dual radio control

LED spotlight with dual radio control   
Replacing the steering wheel with the steering wheel «Chrome»   
Air heater Webasto 2 kW
Air heater  Airtronic B4 12В 2 kW   
Loudspeaker with mounting pad   
Windshield Wiper   
Additional battery with divider (100 A)   
Electronics, navigation, acoustics, control devices
Echo sounder Garmin echoMAP 52dv

Acoustic system «JBL» - marine series. 
- Radio JBL 175rpv - 1 pc.
- Speakers JBL MS6200 360W (MS-6200) 6-1/2" - moisture resistant - 4 pc.

Aerator (with the ability of circulating running water)

Deck equipment
Mooring duck (hidden) stainless steel

Mooring duck stainless steel

Rod holder

Mounting eye
Small bow railing (option 1)   
Big bow railing (option 2)  
Additional transom for outboard engine   
Transportation equipment
Boat trailer (uniaxial)

Boat trailer (uniaxial) modernized
Spare wheel with mounting

Boat trailer (biaxial)    
Boat trailer (biaxial) modernized    


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