Aluminum boat Rosomaha R5100P

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PRICE: R5100P (without engine)

Aluminum water jet boat Rosomaha R5100P - it's a light and obedient boat that will become your faithful friend and helper. The weight of the boat will allow one person to easily pull it aground. This model is based on excellent technical characteristics that make it possible to pass along the smallest rivers without fear of unforeseen situations. It will allow you to make trips on the water, enjoying every minute of rest. R5100P will take you to the places of hunting and fishing without any obstacles. Design and equipment are discussed with customers individually. We are attentive to all preferences and build boats that meet all the needs of our clients.


Length without engine 5460 mm.
Width 2153 mm.
Bottom width 1662 mm.
Board height 944 mm.
All-welded aluminum hull AmG 5
Bottom thickness  3 mm.
Board thickness 3 mm.
Recommended engines

Deadrise 16 deg.
Max speed   km/h
Carrying capacity        kg.
Росомаха R5100В_Размеры.jpg


Windproof console with control station and passage to the bow compartment
Deck- corrugated aluminum
Hull paint "Base" Slate Grey (dark gray)
Carpet covering on the shelves
"Hydro Turf" covering in bow compartment
Locker seat , 2 pc.
Bow hatch for anchors and cables
Bilge pump, 1 pc.
Navigation lights


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