Aluminum water jet Rosomaha R4100SW - Standard

Росомаха 4100W Алюминиевый водометный катер Тест-драйв.jpg
 Алюминиевый водометный катер Росомаха 4100W Тест-драйв.jpg
Росомаха 4100W Алюминиевый водометный катер.jpg
Росомаха 4100W Водометный катер - Нос.jpg

PRICE: R4100SW- Standard- 1 840 000 RUB.

Aluminum water jet boat R4100SW - dynamic, light and bright boat, which will distinguish you from its class! This is the easiest and most affordable way for your family to join the rest on the water. Rosomaha R4100 is indispensable for hunting and fishing activities. Design and equipment are discussed with customers individually. We are attentive to all preferences and build boats that meet all the needs of our clients.


Length 4659 mm.
Width 2034 mm.
Bottom width 1398 mm.
Board height 566 mm.
All- welded aluminum hull AmG 5
Bottom thickness 3 mm.
Board thickness 3 mm.
Weight 500 kg.
Engine power 143 hp.
Deadrise 20 deg.
Hydro ski deadrise  5 deg.
Max speed 70 km/h  
Cpacity     3 people
Carrying capacity 400 kg.



Engine Weber Jet MPE 750 (at least 95 ROZ [RON] or 85 MOZ [MON)  
Windproof console with control station and passage to the bow compartment  
Windshield Wiper 
Deck — corrugated aluminum     
Hull paint "Base" color Slate Grey(dark gray)  
Carpet covering on the shelves       
"Hydro Turf" covering in the bow and stern platform              
Seat "Standard" with lockers (corrugated aluminum)    2 pc.
Strengthening the bottom with high malecular weight polyethylene (impact part)
Windshield Wiper
Pedal dirt guarding stainless grating      
Closed (dry) bow compartment
Bow hatch for anchors and cables     
Bow railing 2 pc.
Railing-stern handle    2 pc.
Protecting dirt guarding grating (pedal) pc.
Fuel tank 130 liters      1 pc.
Bilge pump
1 pc.
Battery    1 pc.
Navigation lights  
Boat hood (folding)  

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